If You Didn’t Laugh…
6 min readJul 24, 2020

I meditated and wrote to myself…

23rd March 2020

When we are alert to something new, we can create change in a process that is binding and for the higher good of all. When you decide to change, the whole world changes in anticipation of you. There is an interaction, a spark, and an acknowledgment of a change for the better. You are part of a symbiotic world. A world that integrates.

When you decide to do things in a different way, then everything changes and you can contribute to a collective process. Each time you choose something for yourself, you create and send a signal that affirms the ‘I’ am, All That Is-ness, of the universe.

Personal power is such an important task because of this. You are the author and freedom is the lifeblood of the universe.

Consider how many decisions you have made in your life so far. Do you feel powerless to change or do you feel satisfied? Do you feel like you made the choices in your life so far or that the choices were made for you? When you decide to make a step-change, then this changes everything in the world, as an integrated system of pauses, stops, and redirections. Cause and effect is the basic law of the universe. You have heard this countless times and yet it still evades you, as the norm or status quo feels unsurmountable, when it simply was a series of choices.

Choices have the power to change the whole world. One infinite possibility, on one one time loop. I ask you to consider your life not out of fear, but out of the consideration and appreciation of choices. This creates fear in many people, as they avoid many decisions out of a paralysing fear of making the right or wrong choice. There is no right or wrong choice. There is only living itself, which is your birthright. It is ironic that we tend not to fear the micro-choices of our day, such as what we’ll have for lunch or scrolling through our phones for a moment longer, when our actions here can in fact dictate the course of a whole day or a whole life. Any and all choices are important, so why be utterly terrified of some rather than others? The stakes may feel higher, but they are always high, you just do not have the awareness of how everything is connected, as it surely is.

Choices are life-giving and you can only commit to living through choices.

There are favorable and unfavorable outcomes for all choices. The painful consequences of a decision can only teach you something. Inaction is a choice. This is not to guilt you or to shame, but to show you how to step into personal power. Personal power crafts choice. Healthy personal power says: ‘I will do the best I can do and express myself fully’. Personal power considers possibilities. What about caution and responsibility do you ask? There is a place for this, but not in denying your own heart. No limitation can deny a heart, not one.

The heart chakra is the most powerful that there is. Opening hearts is an essential part of the transition faced in the world today. To love or not to love is the question of this age. To decide to choose this frequency activates true collective power. However collective power is shaped by personal power and the choices we make in our lives reflect our will to survive. How many people in your life are driven to act only through fear? How can this cycle of fear be broken? I suggest abruptly that you must stop allowing fear to be the main determinant of your decision-making process.

In a practical sense, this can involve being completely innovative and to operate outside of societal parameters. It’s true that not everyone has this temperament and yet there are hints of it in everyone, particularly in the general resistance in being told what to do. That stubbornness seems at first unattractive, but it is what you makes you human; that grit and determination to survive and do what you will. In the remit of the world today, this approach can be frowned upon but, in spiritual terms, it’s preferable to assert something than nothing; the practicalities of what you choose can be unpicked later. Traditionally, spiritual people are associated with meekness, but this is not absolute by any means.

Unhappiness stems from a lack of exercising the will of personal power; of asserting what you want now and then changing your mind later. You are allowed to change your mind, you are allowed to stop and start and there WILL be consequences. But a life without consequences is not a life well-lived. There is an ache inside and a longing to discover the world, but indecisiveness can hold your heart back. I ask you to be bold and brave in your living and to be willing to have your heartbroken. There is a place for caution and reserve in order to learn patience at times, but beyond that lesson can be a deeper one; that bigger and bolder things are worth waiting for and choosing when the opportunities arise.

Deciding to do something different does not mean you do it immediately or that it manifests straight away. Deciding to MOVE TOWARD a thing is an energy shift. A simple decision of ‘I’m not quite satisfied’ or ‘I’m going to explore this’, will surely lead somewhere else. IMMEDIATELY you have shifted and this is all you needed to do; to decide that you want and DESERVE better for yourself. The decision that a change is required, changes your world. It changes the planet you live on. When everyone decides that their actions DO mean something in the wider scheme is when transformation can begin. DECISIONS IN YOUR PERSONAL LIFE CHANGE THE WORLD.

The world is made up of energies. We influence each other to create the reality you see before us. There is deep rage and pain playing out in front of our eyes right now and has been for some time. The current climate is of RELEASE and CLEANSING. It’s time to explore what is actually good for us and how decisions can be made collectively. Sometimes people need a little push to move in a positive direction — to step into personal power and to make decisions from this vantage point.

There are many things in this world that do not make sense right now but trust that they are purposeful and are shaping our future. The collective consciousness has faith.

TAKE a moment to breathe in the infinite possibilities of your life and DO NOT FEAR THIS. DO NOT fear commitment to a decision and know there will never be a wrong choice. There will be downsides to every decision you make, but you must surely commit or you risk living half alive and you must go where your heart tells you too. If your heart lies in every place, go where the passion burns deepest. You will know the truth deep within your bones. There are many layers of truth. HOWEVER, YOU DO KNOW YOUR OWN BODY and you know your own mind — you know what moves you. There is deception and lies in this world, that is true, however, do you not think you can learn from them? Whatever you decide, whatever pain you’re experiencing, own it, and know you have been brave enough to LIVE. Be brave enough to live and to be hurt. We fear pain so much that we do not live fully. We are afraid of the discomfort that molds and chips away to create the most beautiful sculptures of our existence. Can you bless your scars for all the beauty and truth they reveal?

Can you honour the people who have hurt you and kept you limbo? Can you help people that are in the dark about this? Can you reach out when you are needed? Sit deep within pain and LOVE it, for is one of your greatest teachers. LIVE and do not subscribe to numbness, fear, or resignation. Accept that your feelings will be multifaceted and complex as YOU ARE a multidimensional being. You feel many possibilities and layers of self at all times and your awareness is only increasingly — of course, decisions feel HUGE — you have infinite ideas of yourself swirling around at one time. Just know that you cannot get it wrong. YOU CAN’T GET IT WRONG. WHATEVER PAIN YOU FEEL AT ANY TIME, THERE IS ALWAYS A DELICIOUS SOLUTION.